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Welcome to The Ferretcage featuring the latest news about Chris, photo and video galleries and the Spenderfic archive.

What’s New

  • Site re-launch. Unfortunately I lost the previous Ferretcage in a HD crash. This is based on an older version. I’ll be adding things back a bit at a time.
  • Added a photo gallery for My Louisiana Sky. More, once I get my new computer system.
  • Added a page for Power and Beauty.
  • Added a new Guest Book, will replace it with something better soon.
  • Added back most of the old photo galleries, cleaned up and deleted similar screenshots.
  • Added a video clips page, more clips to come.

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This is a fansite for Canadian Actor Chris Owens. If you’re looking for information on the burlesque performer or the Congressional Candidate or the basketball player you won’t find it here. Also if you’re looking for actual cages for ferrets, try The Ferret Store.